There are some books that inspired me and influenced my life. I think I should share it to spread these titles across.

There is one polish book that either should be translated to other languages or there are already similiar titles in english. Some chapters from this book are with me whenever I go shopping. Some other when I give away clothes that I don’t use aymore.

I found out about blog and book  „Slow Fashion”  two years ago , late afternoon , when I was driving home from work. It was  just an interview  in my favourite radio station. Exchange of thoughts and ideas with Joanna Glogaza. The catchy thing was that she has started her career as fashion blogger and after few years of shopping and collecting clothes she got so tired with everyday choices that she decided to change that. She   has noticed  that more important than being dressed up every day in the new outfit is to be comfortable in our clothes and to be able to decide (without long lasting thought process) what to wear.

Joanna  share as well some stories about factories where our clothes are being produced,  how workers are treated there, how much (or how small amounts) they are being paid and what they sacrifice to be able to work.

All these experiences led her to the new life with much smaller number of clothes , shoes and accessories – where with few easy steps she kows what to wear and she feels comfortable with these choices. She shares experience of others who considered morning routine (what to -or not to- wear) as something that is not worth spending time and energy on. You probably remember Steve Jobs’ approach to it.

Joanna introduces some base elements of  the wardrobe and then explains how to adjust these with few additional elements to make it interesting.  What were my take aways:

  • it is worth to take time to think before you buy new item – just to make sure we do not have anything like it in our closet – you will be able to do it only if you know what you have = you keep number of clithes under control
  • it is good to think up-front what do you need – it is easier to focus and find that particular item
  • it is much better to buy one high quality item instead of few one sezon clothes instead
  • simplicity and comfort should be used as criteria for making your choices

I know you won’t find this book in English – however you might search for similar blog close to this topic if you  think you may need that.

Second book –The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever written by Marie Kondo. This is the book about simplicity in your house – Marie helped a lot of people declutter their houses and it had impact on their lifes as well.

Marie comes from Japan and her approach is tailored more into her local reality – however some of the advices are very useful and inpiring.

I have managed to take from this book totally new approach with regards to stuff I used to collect. I looked through these items and decided to throw 80% of it away. I was not able to appy the rule of checking whether I have emotional connection with each object and base on these amotions maes decisions. I am as well sure that such rule cannot be applicable to my books and training materials – it doeasn’t matter whether I am going to read it one more time or not.

This book helped me stop thinking „oh – this might be useful, I should keep it”.  I started to use new approach while cleaning my house – thinking what I don’t need anymore and how less effort I will need in the future if I would decide to get rid of it. I will never get to this perfect state – always nice and tidy house, but I am a bit closer after this book.

Rich Dad Poor Dad –  by Robert Kiyosaki . His story starts during childhood when Robert keeps observing his father and comparing  his financial approach to his colleague’s father. Two life stories – one about person working on employment contract vs freelancing/enterpreneur  situation. A lot’s of reflections – how with regular and quite high income you can always  end up with credits to pay  and usually the amounts you borrow are getting bigger as we earn more. While there are people who do not put their money into things that cannot bring them additional income – they usually do not care that much about spending money on houses, cars etc – because such spending will never result in additional income; while active investments (like apartment to rent, building business) could bring positive financial kick after specific period of time.

The good thing in this book is how convincing  Kiyosaki  is in explaining that we have our choices – despite of the family pattern. We can make other than our parents’ decisions – if we learn about investment, money. We should set some financial targets as well. I think it should be parents’ obligation to give this book and share the concept with kids – just to make sure that their aducation will be suplemented.

There are more books in that area written by Robert – but you can start from Rich Dad Poor Dad first and decide whether you are interested.

If you are still not convinced – whether is worth to spend time – read subtitle of this book : „…. What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!”

Thanks that you are still with me 🙂

Books that inspired me part 1

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