Visual Management topic is not new in Services Organisations.

However some teams still suffer because of wrong introduction or lack of buy in. In such case even the best board or perfectly prepared daily meeting will not bring any results. Usually in such situation neither team nor manager are happy and they treat this as additional duty that doesn’t bring any added value.

In other cases boards’ content is so overwhelming that even the most experienced team member cannot explain it in simple words.

For such teams or operations units I would suggest Visual Management workshop – to get a second chance with this tool.

This method has been initially developed and introduced in Toyota and then rolled over to other  production and services companies. The biggest benefits are coming from visual representations of company/org units’ goals that gives employees clear overview of expectations and how their units deliver against these goals.

Usually line managers that gained confidence in running daily meetings could confirm that their teams’ engagement went up and this influenced better results, more positive relations between team members, quicker solutions for issues raised. If you run annual employee survey – you can be sure that for teams with good quality visual board you will observe improved results.

Basic training for team leaders should cover

  1. Visuals –  methods, standards and techniques introduction – to help matching board to operational specific
  2. Exercise – building content for my team
  3. Practicing daily huddles delivery – public speaking elements
  4. Feedback for leaders delivering meetings at their boards
  5. Commitments

After such training you will get totally new approach to visual management, knowledge about building board content and skill to deliver information during daily meetings.

First of all – please ask yourself – is my board a duty that I am not convinced to – or part of my work that I see as bringing value?

If your answer is „duty that I am not convinced to” and maybe you suffer because of low employee’s engagement – let’s talk and see what we could do together. Workshop or training is not the only solution. Call me –  let’s see what can be done.

If you wish to get inspired – take a look on SlideShare.

Visual Management – English version

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