There are myths and discussions about coaching and mentoring as well as there are some misunderstandings and wrong definitions (these two are usually mixed up). For me coaching could be done by someone who doesn’t have special experience in field that coachee requires some help while mentoring is more working relationship where mentor is sharing own knowledge and experience plus based on exchange of thoughts mentee  is able to build plan that will help him/her solve the challenge.

How do you decide whether mentoring is needed? My perspective on this is not straight forward – I think you need to know your own expectatons, goals and areas that you wish to work on. Only based on such knowledge you can pick up your mentor – looking for someone who will be able to help because has some similiar experience or you value his input.

What were my mentoring projects?

  1. I was working with leader who wanted to introduce performance improvement plan for one of team members and wanted to give feedback in high quality manner. We were discussing up front topics for feedback – thinking about evidencies we have and adding structure to the conversation to be held.
  2. I have met great lider, people person with high quality skills connected to motivation and perfect project approach. This person was stuck on the current position for long time – just because line manager was so happy with deliverables that didn’t want to give space/opportunity for promotion. We made a succession plan with details how the job will be cascaded, to whom, who is the best person to inherit this leadership position. It worked quite good because shortly after our mentoring sessions when some if the actions were introduced – my mentee got promoted to the new role.
  3. I was working as well with a person who had issues with prioritisation, delegation and follow up on tasks – we looked together into many supporting theories and he made a choice what could work for him – then we had some follow up sessions to monitor how it works and adjust some tools that didn’t help. In this case it was as well perfectionism that pushed my mentee to put too much energy into every single activity even if it was not worth it.

There are more topics that are close to me and could be good basis for mentoring

  • 7 Habits – every single Covey’s habit is worth to know and build mentoring around it
  • Building highly performing teams
  • Performance measurements (lead and lag measures, building boards, good quality KPIs)
  • Working in corporate environment vs dreams about own company
  • Personal goals – how to set these and how to make sure we will deliver
  • Looking for solutions while in hopeless situation
  • Taking care of my finance – tools, solutions, improvement plan

Would you like to know more – take a look to presentation under slideshare link:


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Mentoring – in English

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