I was thinking lately about topic connected with managing your tasks and getting better organised. There are a lot of publications about so called „time management” and  motivation. To be honest I went through a lot of various challenges at work that pushed me to look for good approach and implement system that could help.

I have been influenced by Coveys’ Seven Habits (of course habit called „First Things First”), then I was reading Getting Things Done, I was using as well Pomodoro system and lately after LEAN Practitioner Course I came to Kanban concept. Last week I was talking to one of my collegues at work and we have shared how we use Trello app to organise our tasks and have this fulfillment feeling while moving tasks from one board to another – when completed. The next thought was about link between Trello and Kanban – that leads us to LEAN concept.

Let me start from our common experience with a lot of tasks sitting in our heads, on post-it, in our projects summaries or callendars – when it comes to overview it looks like we usually mix these items and our brain will give us wrong hints at incorrect time e.g. we think about groceries list at work while we get thoughts about important project activity while we are at grocery store. This is how our brain works – and the only positive thing we can do about it is collecting these thoughts in a written format while having good system for setting priorities and marking it completed.

If you want to solve it – you need to apply KANBAN approach either in real or virtual environment. You can probably get a bit upset by this repeated Kanban name withou any definition -actually this theory comes from Japanesse production systems developed in fifties – in translation it means paper page; in simple version it was a board with three fields:

  • TO DO
  • DONE

This board should give us full overview of all activities- this is its first function. Second one is creating links in our brain – while writting it down (remember that we remember things better when we use piece of paper to write it done). Third one is helping with prioritisation – you can have few boards and you can put post-it notes sorted from top to bottom – from highest priority to lowest.

What else is there – this nice filling when you move activity from TO-DO int DOING or finally to DONE  – is similiar to crossing off your tasks from tasks’ list. Have you had such feeling? Try it with your board and let me know how was it.

You can try with your worklists from your private life or from your work. Such a board could be as well dedicated to big project- while each and every project member will have his own swimline. Even for your private stuff you can go for few separate items:

  • your next trip to Africa
  • „buy apartment” project
  • class reunion plans

In my persona opinion KANBAN board is very simple while powerful and gives us higher satisfaction from activities completed – could help those who procrastinate the most.

For these who like to use apps I this it would be good to start from  Trello – very simple while with good functionalities – working on mobiles as good as on your desktop. I really encourage you to check that and let me know the results 🙂












KANBAN – English version

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